About Us

Inspired by the Mysterious Big Waves appearing in Southern Sydney, Australia, known to the locals as Voodoo. Its magnificence, power and beauty have earned respect from surfers from around the world. Through hard work, ideas and innovations we are fully dedicated to bring performance, quality and good vibes to all our products.

The time is now. Live the Voodoo legend.



Born on the Northern beaches of Sydney in Manly Hospital in May 1976, growing up in Narrabeen, surfing the famous Narrabeen waves at since his early childhood. CJ Started shaping and making boards with his father around 1988. The passion to learn more about surfboards, surfing and the development of the process came naturally.

Leaving High school at the age of sixteen, he entered into an extended work experience program in surfboard manufacturing with Simon Anderson. There were no known career paths for making surfboards at the time but his passion and dedication for the craft was clear. From there, CJ moved to CHP/The Laminator owned by the Hames family, where they took him under their wings and developed his skills in all areas of manufacturing.

After a few good years there, he moved to Energy Surfboards to take a glassing position under the watchful eyes of Steve Zolar. The position allowed him to refine his skills to the superior standard (many thanks Steve)he holds today. The many hours young CJ spent watching Energy Shaper Brandon McDonald do his good thing leaves him forever grateful for the opportunity.

Whilst working at Energy Surfboards, a new company arose – FCS. It wasn’t long until they offered CJ a freelance research and development position. Very quickly this grew into a nearly full time position. This led CJ to open a glassing facility with his father. This facility catered to the glassing needs of many major surfboard labels in Sydney South Coast and North Coast areas.

It wasn’t long until he started shaping surfboards under Blackflys label and started playing around with computer design for surfboard. There were profile machines and shaping machines. This was the start of self design and cut which was introduced to him by John Gillies. One of the true pioneer in this area and still plays a big role in how we do things today. The time he spent there was always interesting and the knowledge base he retained was priceless. This path lead CJ further into computer design and getting his own shaping machine, designing surfboards and cutting service for many of the major brands in Sydney. Owning his own machine and glassing facility lead to more international opportunities being offered, Shaping in Japan and the US and many other places around the world.

Few years down the track, CJ came back to Australia to manage D’Arcy ‘s factory and shape for world’s biggest labels. He moved into a management position for Board Play and then finally made the leap to Indonesia to dominate the world with Board Core Voodoo Crew.